About Me

Hello there! I’m Kimberly McKinney (Kim). I have lived in Columbia, Missouri since I was 10. I love this wondrous place and couldn’t imagine a better place to raise my children — that is, unless I could magically move to the beach!

I am married to the absolute love of my life. We have three kiddos (still begging hubby for one more): our teenager Hailey, smarty pants daughter Adelaide, snuggle bug son Elijah, and furry baby Mia — an adorable pup with a slight attachment issue.

I was a preschool teacher for over 10 years and was getting my Masters in Education in Art K-12 when I had my littles. I found that my love of children and creativity could be combined, allowing me the rare opportunity to stay home with my babies while still pursuing my dream.

I am a bit of a hopeless romantic. I love singing out loud, sunsets, the smell of mowed grass, any body of water, the sound of scampering bare feet, and the emotion in black and white images. 

Kimberly McKinney, Mid-Missouri photographer

Photo credit: Cherrybird Photography

I believe love is everything.

There is perfection in imperfection.

Everyone has a story.

About My Photography Style

My sessions are a mixture between lifestyle and posed. I mainly use natural light and the great outdoors as my studio. There are so many beautiful places around Columbia, Missouri. My style, as described from other creatives, is intimate, genuine, natural, vibrant, and warm.

My goal is to make your session a relaxed and fun experience, rather than a chore. I try my best to tailor sessions to the family members and personalities involved. I do not try to make everyone look perfect, but rather feel and be in the moment. I believe skill is essential, but it does not trump emotion in any image.

Kimberly McKinney, Mid-Missouri photographer

Photo credit Cherrybird Photography


Regardless of the type of session, I almost always start with the entire family. This allows the kiddos time to get used to me and get some snuggles in. I get a chance to see how your kiddos will respond to me and the atmosphere. I will then do sibling images, individual children, parents together, and then a few more of the whole family at the end.

My sessions are about the feelings and connections in your family. In most of the images you will not even be looking at me! No stress, just come with the love and affection you have for those people who drive you crazy every day!

The main difference is location. Family sessions are all done outside in a location of my choosing around Columbia. Day-in-the-life sessions are either in your home or at one of your favorite hangouts. Both sessions are geared toward connection and genuine emotion. I use prompts and posing in the portrait sessions. These are a snapshot of your family at that moment in time. For day-in-the-life sessions I also use some posing and prompts; however, it is mainly a journalistic storyline of your life as it is right now, doing the activities you often do as a family or couple (cooking, eating, playing games, reading, everyday routines, etc.). Also, it is important to have a few activities planned for young kids. You never know how long a kiddo’s attention span will last.

Fresh 48 sessions are taken at the hospital. For posed sessions, I prefer baby be between 4 and 14 days old. After that, baby has usually started to stretch out of their little baby ball and they also have more awake time. For day-in-the-life newborn sessions, baby can be up to six weeks old.

I always prefer an open field. However, there are a number of outdoor locations I use around Columbia for family, maternity, and couple sessions. There are so many beautiful places here! Newborn sessions are done in your home. The day-in the-life sessions can be in your home or on location (park, favorite coffee shop, the place you met, or other meaningful places for you). However, note that if you want an in-home session, you will need adequate natural light, such as a room with light coming from at least two walls, or large picture windows facing north or south.

We will discuss locations during booking. For all outdoor sessions I book in the evenings before sunset. For indoor sessions I book between the hours of 9am -2pm.

This depends mainly on which package session you choose. Family sessions are up to one hour and mini sessions are up to 20 minutes. I have found that children, especially younger ones, typically take about 15 minutes to warmup and then are good to go for about 30-45 minutes. Newborn sessions range from up to 45 minutes for the fresh 48 to 4 hours for the posed newborn session.

You do you! Most importantly, be comfortable. Too many patterns, neon colors or words on clothing can be distracting from your beautiful faces. Start with mama’s clothes first and then build from there. I suggest wearing colors that complement one another, but that are not too matchy. For maternity, a fitted top or dress will accentuate your baby curves, but again be comfortable. Check out Pinterest for some ideas for free. Or if you don’t mind spending a little money, there is this amazing service at styleandselect.com, which will help you style and then tell you where to buy the clothes (online). Do you want something with zero effort? I have a selection of outfits for posed newborn sessions that we can coordinate with your baby’s nursery theme. 

I typically book three to four months out. For newborn sessions, booking soon after the first trimester is best to secure your spot. Due to the unpredictability of baby’s arrival, I only accept a few babies a month. Also, you need time before baby to take advantage of the free mini maternity! 

This can vary from three to five weeks. I will let you know after your session what my current wait time is. The timeframe will depend on the time of year and how booked I am. I take my time with each image to make sure it meets my vision and exceeds your expectations. I am also a stay-at-home mom with two very active littles.

About three weeks from your session date, I will upload your proof gallery into the online gallery I use, called Pixieset. The number of proof images to choose from will differ with each session. Go to the link I send you and create a “favorites” list of the images you want by clicking the little hearts. Once you have finished choosing your favorites, send me an email or message letting me know you are done. I will then work on the final edits. It will take approximately two weeks to get your final gallery.

Yes, you will receive digital photos. The number of digital images is outlined on the Sessions page of my website. If you fall in love with more (which I hope you do), you can purchase additional images for $14/image or 25% off the entire gallery. 

Get on your computer and click on the link I gave you. You will not be able to download to a mobile phone. Under the large main picture to the right there is a little heart, next to that is an arrow pointing down with a line. If you hover over the arrow it will say “download.” Click on that. It will ask for your email and your PIN number. It will take you to a new screen. Make sure you select the set that you want to download as well as the resolution(s) you want. You will want to select high resolution if you plan to print any of them. The web resolution is downsized for social media, and will not look good printed. Then click “start download.”

Yes, you can find the print release by clicking on the “Download” button at the bottom of this page.

I do not offer products at this time. 

I typically use http://www.nationsphotolab.com or https://www.mpix.com for prints. They are affordable, great quality, and user-friendly. Plus, they always have sales going on!

There are no restrictions on the number of downloads. I will keep your gallery up for a month. After that, there will be a $25 fee to reload.

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